We do video upscaling
Our machine-learning masterpiece is built on top of an ensemble of neural networks that can upscale, add FPS, colorize, remove noise and much more
What we do:
FPS boosting
A neural network trained via slow-mo movies will artificially generate additional frames for your footage. Even 14 fps films can easily be boosted to 60 fps.
4k upscale
Each frame can be upscaled using specifically-targeted data that perfectly aligns with your footage. Our neural network will "redraw" the missing data and increase the frame resolution 4x or more.
β Colorization
A neural network specifically trained using our own dataset will provide you with an approximate artificial colorization of each frame. While not historically accurate, the colorization appears natural.
Additional services
Our team of engineers will be glad to help you resolve various digital tasks with our machine learning magic.
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We are located in Gdansk, Poland

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