Hi, It’s neural.love with another unregular blog post:

🖼 Enhance images

Now our tool support images - you can restore, resize (up to four times) or colorize up to 50 photos at a time:

upsacle demo

By the way, you can read how our enhancing AI works here 🔗 (for non-techies). You can also access Image Enhance via API 🔗.

You can try our upscale for free here.

👨🏽‍🎨 Portrait generator: a new β-model

We manage to create photorealistic portraits from old, low-quality photos even though the software is still in beta.

portraits demo

You can try our Portrait Generator, also for free here.

🎥 Video enhance: Up to 100 Gb upload and “Pay As You Go” option

We’ve updated our limits: now you can upload files up to 100 GB in size and two hours in length 🚀

Not a fan of the subscriptions? You don’t have to worry: upload a video and pay for the whole process without a monthly fee. Check it out here 🔗.

payg demo

Questions or comments? Please send them to support@neural.love, and our almost-AI (me) will respond tout de suite.

Happy enhancing,

Best wishes,

The neural.love team – We do Zoom & Enhance