Here’s another unregular blog post about our AI updates ✨

🖼 Upscale to beyond: more details than before

Our main algorithm that boosts video quality got a new model. We call it “Maximum details”. As a startup, we’re good at naming things (no) 🗿

To illustrate the new model’s performance, here is a quick example:

maximum details

You can try it here.

👨🏽‍🎨 Facial restoration – now better & faster

Say no more to blurred, out of focus faces in the old films; the “Facial Restoration” algorithm got a new model as well.

No fancy name of the model this time; check out how well it looks now:

facial restoration

You can try it here.

🎥 60 FPS or Cinematic Slowdown effect? All twice faster than before!

Right, you guessed it, the “Motion smoothing” algorithm also got an update.

Not only we have doubled the speed of the algorithm, but we also have reduced visual glitches in slow-motion versions:

facial restoration

You can try it here.

🏆 Please, consider sharing your feedback

We would appreciate it if you could tell us what feature you are missing most in the product. So please consider dropping us a few lines on what you would like to see on next time.

We are also proud to tell you that we have enhanced more than 9 000 videos already!

Happy enhancing,

Best wishes,

The team – We do Zoom & Enhance