Earn Money with neural.love: Join Our Affiliate Program

In a Nutshell: We’re announcing neural.love’s Affiliate Program Earn 20% commission from leads Payouts on Net-30 basis Limited availability: Beta mode in select countries Join the affiliate program here Dear neurallover, I hope you’re doing well. Your support has been phenomenal in making neural.love what it is today. With your help, we’ve been able to push the boundaries of AI technology. Now, we’re excited to introduce another way for you to get involved and benefit from our growth: the neural....

August 30, 2023

New text-to-image model is here & Future Roadmap

Dear neurallover, We hope you’re thriving and finding delight in our ever-evolving AI-driven generative ecosystem. Text-To-Image News We are thrilled to announce a significant leap forward in our services: We listened to your feedback and pushed our limits to bring you the enhancements you’ve been looking for. Our New Text-to-Image Model NL 1.01 is now live! You can experience this new upgrade that outperforms previous versions in both quality and prompt understanding here....

August 28, 2023

News: New credits system and a new 'Photo Restoration' feature

Hi, that is Denis, CEO at neural.love, check this out: ✨ The credits system An issue with multiple subscriptions has gone. Now we offer only one subscription, which is customizable. For example, processing one photo or one portrait will cost one credit. For video enhancement, which consumes more processing power, the final credits cost will vary depending on the source video file and the filters you wish to apply....

April 20, 2022

News: Now you can enhance images too

Hi, It’s neural.love with another unregular blog post: 🖼 Enhance images Now our tool support images - you can restore, resize (up to four times) or colorize up to 50 photos at a time: By the way, you can read how our enhancing AI works here 🔗 (for non-techies). You can also access Image Enhance via API 🔗. You can try our upscale for free here. 👨🏽‍🎨 Portrait generator: a new β-model We manage to create photorealistic portraits from old, low-quality photos even though the software is still in beta....

February 15, 2022

News: New AI tools For Video Enhance

Here’s another unregular blog post about our AI updates ✨ 🖼 Upscale to beyond: more details than before Our main algorithm that boosts video quality got a new model. We call it “Maximum details”. As a startup, we’re good at naming things (no) 🗿 To illustrate the new model’s performance, here is a quick example: You can try it here. 👨🏽‍🎨 Facial restoration – now better & faster Say no more to blurred, out of focus faces in the old films; the “Facial Restoration” algorithm got a new model as well....

November 30, 2021

News: Happy New Year 2021

We know, we know, it’s mid January already. In our defense, it’s never too late to celebrate, and we have pictures ✨ tl;dr What we do at neural.love: Our favorite items of note from the past year: We made new friends and allies through a shared love of machine learning magic and some excellent media coverage. We also partnered with world leaders in technology like HP and NVIDIA, film producers like DocMakers and Aito Media, and cultural institutions like Carnegie Hall....

January 12, 2021
🇪🇺 From Europe with love

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