Feature Update: Uncrop 2.0 – Less Glitches

tl;dr Uncrop 2.0: Improved glitch minimization and enhanced format conversions for optimal creative output. We’re thrilled to introduce our revamped Uncrop model – Uncrop 2.0**. Having closely listened to your feedback, we’ve diligently fine-tuned our algorithms. The result? Higher quality outputs with fewer glitches. Whether you’re adjusting images for your blog, social media, or any other platform, Uncrop 2.0 ensures you present your visuals in the best light. Change the Aspect Ratio Without Compromising Quality...

October 16, 2023

Enhanced HD Wallpapers: Classic Windows 95 to Windows Me Backgrounds Upscaled for Desktop & Mobile Devices

Hi, that’s Denis with another AI experiment – today, we will refine the PC classic: let’s convert older Windows wallpapers (from version Windows 95 to Windows Me) into modern formats suitable for both desktop and mobile usage. Quick navigation: Results for Phones, Results for Desktops. Tools used In this nostalgic task, we will use multiple AI tools at once: ✨ Diffusion Model Enhance 9000 trained by our company – it is the best and the slowest internal upscale model that we have;...

May 30, 2023
🇪🇺 From Europe with love

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